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NEW From
Herby Wallace Productions

"Mr. Wallace & Company" is my latest album. This album has what I feel is a great selection of instrumentals played on the pedal steel guitar. I have tried to pick tunes that work good on steel as well as selections that have not been recorded on steel guitar as much as some other tunes. All these are tunes that I personally have liked for years, but have never played as steel guitar instrumentals. I had some fantastic musicians working with me on this project, such as: Bobby Caldwell, guitar; Alex DePue, fiddle; Charlie Rule, piano; Herby Wallace II, drums; Burton Akers, bass; and Todd McCoig, rhythm guitar. These are all the same players who worked on my last album with the exception of Alex DePue on fiddle, who is without a doubt, one of the finest I have ever heard or worked with. Of course, all the other great players proved themselves on my last album, "Selections Of The Toe-Tapping Variety." I have listed the song titles below and which tuning they were played on:
  1. Avalon-C6th listen to sample mp3
  2. Unforgettable-C6th
  3. Orange Colored Sky-C6th
  4. Sing A Sad Song-E9th listen to a sample.mp3
  5. Taking A Chance on Love-C6th
  6. Lonesome Road-C6th listen to sample.mp3
  7. Goin' Away Party-C6th
  8. Almost Like Being In Love-C6th
  9. You Took Her Off My Hands-E9th
  10. Dream-C6th
I also want to mention that this album is around 47 minutes long which is longer than most. I like to be able to stretch out and do more adlib solos, as I see no need to cut everything too short, and you get more music for your money. Also, this album is available on CD or cassette. We also have rhythm track versions available both in CD and cassette. I also have tabbed out all 10 tunes. I am offering some package deals which I have listed below. The package will consist of either CDs or cassettes and include a listening album, rhythm track version and all 10 tabs. I hope you will add this new album to your collection


Mr. Wallace & Company
Rhythm Tracks
CD Tracks-$18.00
Cassette Tracks-$12.00
CD Package!!
Both CD's & all Tab-$49.95
Cassette Package!!
Both Cassettes & all Tab-$39.95
Individual Tab
$3.95 per song (tab only)

Shipping & Handling $6.00
Tennessee Shipments add 9.5% State sales tax
Payment: Visa, Mastercard, Discover, Check or Money Order
(Sorry no COD's)