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G2 Herby Wallace Model Mullen Pedal Steel

Brand New From HWP & Mullen for 2008

Well I am proud to announce a new guitar from Mullen and HWP for 2008. It is the all new Mullen G2 Herby Wallace Signature Model. I have been playing and selling Mullen steel guitars since 1984 and when the HWP model Mullen was introduced several years ago, I considered it to be the ultimate. For my taste, nothing on the market could touch the HWP model Mullen, but things have changed. Del Mullen has been working on this new model for several years and I honestly didn't think it could touch the HWP until I tried it myself. Now don't get me wrong, the HWP is still and always will be an excellent instrument, but the new G2 is a step above it. It has many new and improved features that are excellent.

Of course, like all Mullen steel guitars, the workmanship is superb. Del Mullen is a master machinist, and the quality of his parts are the finest available. The new G2 has an all new triple raise/triple lower changer and the pulling fingers are made from a new type of aluminum which is much harder than most and it has made a significant difference in the tone. There are of course adjustable return springs built in to the end plate. The new G2 also has tuneable split capability at the turn of an allen screw right on the spot. There are slots for the string ball in each pulling finger rather than pins, which is much quicker when changing a string. The aluminum neck is a little different. The pickups are mounted from the side rather than the ends. The pickups in the guitar are Mullen single coil pickups wound to 19.000 ohms. The wood thickness in the guitar is different which of course affects the tone and sustain. The crossrods are mounted in ball bearings. There are many other things too numerous to mention, but the bottom line is that this is, without a doubt, the finest pedal steel guitar I have ever plyed for tone, improved sustain, the easiest pedal action, tuning, staying in tune and it is the best I have played for the least amount of cabinet drop or detuning.

If you are interested in one of these excellent guitars, please check with HWP as the G2 Herby Wallace Signature Model D10 is only available through our Company. We also carry the other G2 models listed below:

I have listed the retail price below, and I might mention that we do take trades.

  • G2 HWP Model Mullen D10 w/8 pedals, 5 knees, & case--$5195.00 (includes polished pedals & knee levers and tone cotrol & bypass switch)
  • G2 SD10 with 3 pedals, 5 knee levers & case-$3895.00
  • G2 SD12 with 7 pedals, 5 knee levers & case-$4515.00
  • G2 SD12 Extended E9th with 3 pedals, 5 knee levers & case-$4447.00
  • Staggered Knee levers--$293.00 each
  • Custom Length Legs--$67.00
  • Lacquer Finish-Call for price!

I have played various Mullen steel guitars on several of my earlier instrumental albums and courses. The HWP Model Mullen can be heard on "Selections of the Toe-Tapping Variety". It can also be heard on my latest video I did with Hal Rugg.